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I have been in full-time ministry for 24 years now. Eleven years was with the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps, but I did full-time church ministry for 6 years prior to going active duty Army and have now been serving full-time as the Preaching Minister at the Ham Lane Church of Christ 7 years come this March.  I have served with churches that did not have elders / shepherds and I have served with churches that did. I have been involved in choosing and installing elders in two of the 4 churches where I have served prior to coming here.  The difference between serving with and serving without elders is vast. The Bible clearly teaches that God’s design for His church is to have elders who serve as shepherds and overseers (Acts 14:23; Titus 1:5).


The Apostle Paul wrote, “The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor” (1 Timothy 5:17).  I am so thankful that we have elders here who are truly worthy of double honor and I thank God often that I am blessed to serve with these Shepherds here at Ham Lane Church of Christ.


On Sunday morning, January 27, 2019 it will be my honor and privilege to honor and reaffirm our current Shepherds (Bob Oates, Dave McPeak, and Kevin Percival) and for us to install and ordain Ernie Yoshino as the newest Shepherd of the Ham Lane church family.  These are men who I believe will make “every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3) and my prayer is that we will make their work with us a joy and never a burden as the Holy Spirit has directed us (Hebrews 13:17).



About cdonley04

I am a servant of God, a husband and a father. I love my God, my wife and my children with all that I am. I thank my God daily that He chooses to use me in spite of me!
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