Another Great Year at PBL


Those of us who attended a Church of Christ Christian College know the blessings of Bible Lectureships.  At Ohio Valley, I looked forward to the annual Bible Lectureships each year and for many years after my graduation, while still preaching in the Ohio Valley area.  During my decade serving both God and country in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps, the opportunity to attend any of our fellowship’s  annual Bible lectureships was not afforded to me.  However, now that I find myself living and preaching on the west coast, I have been afford the opportunity to attend the Pepperdine Bible Lectures {PBL} in the coastal cliffs of beautiful Malibu, California.

This was my 3rd year to attend PBL and each year they keep getting better and better.  N.T. Wright was a featured keynote speaker this year and it was nice to hear something from Dr. Wright and not have to worry about a test to follow or a paper to write as was true during my years in seminary.   Some of the legends in our fellowship (or at least legends in my opinion) were all on tap including Jeff Walling, Randy Harris, Don McLaughlin, and Patrick Mead.  The worship times were amazing.  All the praise teams did a fantastic job leading our hearts and minds in worship to our Great God.  I really appreciated Keith Lancaster (yes, KL himself) taking us back a little old school and leading the well-loved hymns of our fellowship.  And maybe best of all is seeing old friends and make new since this event draws people from all over the US, Canada and even further from within and from without our own tribes.

If you are ever afforded the opportunity to attend the Pepperdine Bible Lectures, I would highly recommend it.  If you cannot, you do have the opportunity to hear and see the lectures on line.  A simple google search will bring up multiple sites that have multiple years of the lectures that Pepperdine provides free of charge.  I can still remember the days of ordering and purchasing cassette tapes of lectures – back in “the day.”  If you go to, you will even find full worship services and hear all the keynote speakers.  I am confident you will be blessed if you do.



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I am a servant of God, a husband and a father. I love my God, my wife and my children with all that I am. I thank my God daily that He chooses to use me in spite of me!
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